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Wild Beast Dance | Tammy Carrasco



What I value most in dance education is the potential for dance to intersect with multiple facets of students’ lives. I believe that by teaching dance in a way that fosters a diligent collective of artists open to new ideas and difference in each other, students gain skills on how to work, tools on how to practice dance, and inclusive thinking that bridges dance to other areas of life. I create warm environments for students to experience their learning together, to speak up when they want to share a thought, and to engage in meaningful ways about how dance as a practice is physical, intellectual, process-centered, progress-oriented, and collaborative.


My modern classes blend improvisation with contemporary modern and somatic approaches, weaving together a collage of intersecting movement approaches. From beginning to advanced levels, I offer phrase work that challenges students’ athleticism and ability to synthesize form with release, momentum, and unruly weight shifts.  To facilitate students’ ability to genuinely access their weight, I integrate principles of Contact Improvisation and partnering.

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