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Are You My Mother?

Premiere 2016 Wild Beast Dance/Tammy Carrasco, MUCC, Keybank Rochester Fringe Festival, NY

2017 American College Dance Association Conference, Gala Performance, Northeast

2019, Nimbus PRESENTS: curated by Keith Thompson, Jersey City, NJ

2019, WAX Works, Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY

ACDA2017_AYMM 2.jpg

Choreography: Tammy Carrasco

Performers: 2017, Jordan Lloyd, Chloe London, Jaclyn Devore, Claire Fisher, Heather Roffe; 2019, Tim Bendernagel, Chloe London, Claire Fisher, Jordan Lloyd, Tammy Carrasco

Sound: Jonathan Cole, David Brubeck

Costume: Emma Scholl

Lighting: Benoit Beauchamp

(thank you to the original 2015 cast at SUNY Brockport for initiating the creative process)


Are You My Mother? references the children's book  after which the dance is named with it's playful relationship to time and sound, as well with the work's child-like sense of surprise. Dancers perform to their own score in which they gasp, grunt, and cough aloud in performance, as well as groove to a catchy, Brubeck tune. Where the imagined becomes real, dancers activate their own sense of play with a bricolage narrative, toying with the notion that a dream-like trajectory may be as real as a conventional sense of chronology. Fun, upbeat, and clever, Are You My Mother? aims to bring audiences along for a chuckle amidst choreographic intricacy and precision. 

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photo credit: Cas Burns

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