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Les Fauves (The Wild Beasts)

Premiered February 2015, You Are Here, MFA Concert The Ohio State University

2016 Wild Beast Dance, evening-length show KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival


Choreographer: Tammy Carrasco with dancers

Performers: 2015, Anna Brown Massey, Tim Bendernagel, Brandon Whited; 2016 Jordan Lloyd, Stevie Oakes

Music: Meredith Monk, Prince, Dmitri Shostokovich

Costume Designer: Tammy Carrasco and Brandon Whited

Original Lighting Design: Dave Covey


This work experiments with color, patterns, and abstract design. It posits order out of disarray by the use of strict spatial organization, which is disrupted by a cacophonous flurry of movements and noise. This work is inspired by a small collective of painters who were come to be known as Les Fauves, and the ideas and curiosities they possessed about abstract representation with color.

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photo credit: Cas Burns

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