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Premiered January 2015, The Ohio State University

2015, Columbus Dance Theatre

This work was made possible by funding from the Columbus Arts Alliance 


Choreographed and Performed by: Tammy Carrasco and Sarah Levitt Ramey

Music: Ludwig van Beethoven

Costume Designer: Tammy Carrasco and Sarah Levitt Ramey


True to our generation, both of our dance backgrounds merge modern and post-modern (and post-post-modern) perspectives in physical and dance-making practices. We are interested in how these histories are inevitably made evident in the work. We also focus on the implications of our strikingly similar physical attributes. Petite in stature and equally athletic with a low-riding center of gravity, our “sameness” opens up a rich space to explore unison material, improvisation and partnering. We aim to posit athleticism, strength and a guttural sense of ‘go,’ together with femininity and the nuances that make distinct our individualized movement sensibilities.  

photo credit: Cas Burns

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