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Floating Field 

Premiere 2013, The Ohio State University

Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) Racquetball Courts

FloatingField Image.jpg

Choreography and Improvisation Scores by: Tammy Carrasco

Performers: Rachel Barker, Kaya David, Megan Davis, Brian Koenig, Jenn Meckley, Ani Javian

Sound Design: Elyse Morckel


This work is a site-specific dance piece designed for spaces with large windows or transparent walls. Floating Field was made in collaboration with dancers, as most of the work is improvised and only the audience can hear the music. The work explores episodic improvisational movement structures. The performers contour the edges of the space with movement that defines and re-defines those edges, as well as mushing their faces into them, pressing into the transparent boundary. Audiences are on-lookers and voyeurs, as well as another edge beyond the edge of the plexiglass boundary.

photo credit: Cas Burns

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