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photo credit: Kitty Hubbard


Friday, Sept. 15, 2017, 7pm

Saturday, Sept 16, 2017, 7pm

Sunday, Sept 17, 2017, 1:30pm

Makers Gallery and Studio

34 Elton St, 4th fl

Rochester, Ny 14607

makers gallery and studio

34 Elton St, 4 fl

Rochester, NY 14607


Visual art and dance collide in a site-specific installation

Kitty Hubbard: artwork and actions

Tammy Carrasco, Brandon Whited: choreography and movement


STRUCTURE OF US is a site-specific, installation-performance piece that utilizes the architecture of Makers Gallery ( as a platform to present creative-process in performance, where movement and art-making unfold inches away from viewers. This show, which differs each performance, alludes to the metaphor of building as body, and poignantly comments on the cyclical behaviors of time, aging, regeneration, and repair. In an airy, light-filled gallery, viewers are led through Makers during the performance, immersed in suspended art and surrounded by movement. Ultimately, viewers are invited to consider themselves as not only bystanders, but critical aspects of the work’s design..


Choreography and performances by Tammy Carrasco (Wild Beast Dance) and Brandon Whited (B Scott Dance) are conceptually and physically interwoven with art-objects by Fulbright Scholar Kitty Hubbard, whose presence and embodied creative actions coexist in direct conversation with the dance. The Structure of Us collaboration connects professors in art disciplines within The College at Brockport – Carrasco, Assistant Professor of Dance; Hubbard, Associate Professor of Art. Whited, Assistant Professor of Dance at University of California, Santa Barbara, shares a long history of dance-making, inclusive of collaborations with Carrasco. 

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